söndag 18 januari 2015

Multiple Truth, från MELECHESHs kommande album "Enki"

Multiple Truths, första singeln från MELECHESHs kommande album "Enki", som släpps 25 februari. Blir än mer tryggt förväntansfull när jag lyssnar till detta stycke! 

Så här har frontmannen Ashmedi kommenterat tillkomsten av Multiple Truths:
"The song came about while I was having an interesting conversation with a friend. Many claim an absolute singular truth, but it is not as simple. There are several ideas that not necessarily negate each other. On the other hand many dogmas and paradigms claim to offer a truth but what angle makes them so arrogant and vain to claim their point is truth. There is a dual tone here, there are several truthful ideas and there are as well many lies.  Who knows - maybe all so called supernatural beings or dogmatic figures were and are amongst humans advancing their agendas and civilizations but also maybe manipulating it to control or for a certain cause. It could be the Annunaki or even otherwise. So it is a reflective song. From the term 'Multiple Truths' the guitar riff stemmed and thus the whole song!

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