lördag 3 september 2011

ARCH ENEMY i samarbete med Amnesty International

Under höstens Nordamerikaturné, som startar i New York nästa vecka, samverkar ARCH ENEMY med Amnesty International. Angela Gossow om samarbetet:
"We have invited Amnesty International to join us on the 'North American Khaos' tour to help raise awareness for defending human rights, freedom of speech and saving lives.

We are living in very extreme and turbulent times and it is important to take a stand. We hope one day everybody is allowed to freely say what they think, that no government has the right to punish and kill those who do not conform and that those who are oppressing the masses will be brought to justice. It will be a long and hard struggle, but it's a goal worth fighting for.

The metal scene is non-conformist, alternative and revolutionary — we know how to practice what others preach. So let's go out there and support the cause! Go to www.amnesty.org/ for more info or check out their booth at some of our shows!"

Även de band som är ARCH ENEMYs support under turnén stödjer initiativet. Dessa är DEVILDRIVER, SKELETONWITCH och CHTHONIC.

Senast såg vi ARCH ENEMY på Sonisphere i juli. Alltid lika bra!

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